Thursday, December 13, 2007


Wuahahah....Holiday looo~
Yeepeee~I've FINISHED my paper and I'm free!!
Merdekah merdekah merdekah~~~
But pity fellow friends....some still not even have their paper yet.
Bless them with all my luck^^

Sometimes ago...

Few of us went KL town yamcha

A place just beside Starhill

A view that can see this too>.<
Haih,when can i get myself of those??

Mummy always tell me, cigarette is bad for health>.<
Bad-bad-notty-stubborn guy

Looks adorable with the reflection^^

Hmmm that place, forget what's name d..."Lecha-Lecha"..i think..maybe?Whatever lar....
Its an opened-air place, so nice and comfortable with romantic decoration there, and u can found lots of different kind of foreigner too!



Vege+fruit= salad?


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-josantoes- said...

happy holidayzzzzzzzz!!