Saturday, December 8, 2007

Its DOMINO day~

Ordered DOMINO for our lunch yesterday^^ (me & my housemates)
Its so economic and time saving!
We've ordered two regular pizza,one box of chicken wings,one small banana-kaya desert,one bread stick and a bottle of coke for only RM45!!!

Bread stick with the saurce

Banana-kaya desert

Seafood Delight


>.< i forget to take the chicken wings...lolz

We are so so full but still left alot.
Thinking not to waste the food,we've come an idea playing "paper-rock-scissors" to force the loser finish eating by picking any of the one.
Wahahha..unexpectedly May eat the most, she's the loser of the DOMINO day!
Poor May...>.<
Hahaha..enjoy the lunch muchie muchy~

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