Tuesday, July 31, 2007


err...as a request from stupid yung...

"i'm here swear in da blog, tat i wil stop contact [him] n dun make any chance 2 meet him up no matter wat..exclude emergency n acidentaly meet up>.<..if i fail to do so, hmmp..okie,i wil as fat as [her] !!!"

lolx...ish..i'm sad actuly..giving up d..hopeless..sien..no mood study..duh..


hapy bday 2 craby!!!!!!!
design a special cake 4 her..
combine all da favorite piece of cake we wan in secret recepie n put it 2geter n bcom a CAKE!!!

mmm..he is definately not da bday gal.."ke leh fei" melvin..
tats da only pic i hav in my hp..duh..

gona say..i wil geting FATTER n FATTER!!!>.<..cox all da cake is cheeeeeeessee....gosh!!!!
oh..i wil never slim lar>.<

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