Saturday, December 13, 2008

My final sem will end with another paper which is Business Ethics on Tues.
Spent most of my time now with princy.
Grab every second we can. Aww~ I'm so sad.

Went Redbox again yesterday with princy and AMoi at garden. 3 of us sang like a mad man. XD
We sang song like "How do I live" in a rock style. Princy, the new joined was terrified. LOLx
This was my second time sing with princy. That's why...the reaction.
I'm going to miss this too.

Dinner at "Lou Ma Zi"- Puchong. A very nice place for steamboat and this was my second time here too. Pictures was still at Amoi's. So...maybe will blog that later.

Tomorrow will go PD with other bunch of friends. They told me it was a farewell for me.
*big wet eyes* How thoughful~~ Honestly I'm not that close with them but....Aww, I really appreciate it @.@

And I started to realise...I've actually met lots of friends here.
Oh T___T I don't wana leave already.


aarontyh said...
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michikosia said...

terima kasih~merdekah loo^^