Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I'm so emo emo emo emo like very emo emo emo emo WTF!!

My comp still very sick sigh, cause my friend still haven't call me to take it back. A serious one I guess.
Grr, my comp is a smart ass. It know I'm not gonna bring it back and It emo and fell sick wtf.

6 more days to my final exam. The very final. Like super duper final's final = = oh crap.
10 more days to PD bbq trip.
16 more days to my Penang trip.
21 more days to end my Uni life and fly back to home place.

3 years. I miss here and everything.

and my prince.



kaka said...

not gonna get a job here?

tR@cy said...

mai, so fast wanna grad d ah??
hmm... i will find one day to hang out with you before you back to KK.....

michikosia said...

kaka: sigh, i wish to. but mum wan me back >.< no choice lo~~

tracy: lolz!!! not kk lar, aduh is miao the kuching okay = =''' sure lar, need pass u prison break, heroes, gossip girl....ahahhaha

kaka said...

ahh i see further studies? haha
have friends who purposely further studies just to stay in kl lol!
tell mom since recession might as well continue studying XD
but neways all the best lar =) moms are quite influential also
oh, where ur hometown anyway?

michikosia said...

kaka: lolz, i've think of that too. But I'm an accounting student, my friend says better take ACCA paper while working wor. well.>.<

Agree! mom memang berkuasa one.haha~
My hometown at kuching, Sarawak.^^

kaka said...

ooo know nuts about accounting work haha =)

sarawak! i tot you were from ipoh or something, cuz hot chix come from ipoh mar.. haha lol..

michikosia said...

ahahhaa! Hot chicks?! not my turn yet. Fat chick got lar.lolx

But i take that as compliment. lalala~

tR@cy said...

mai, when u free d text me la ya. i can make it anytime.. miss ya!! ^^