Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Keke.....drama(s) ~ HERE i come!!!
Shifting to my new house soon, packing packing pack pack pack!

Looking forward for the activities during my holiday~~

Dear mum~
Happy belated mother's day mum! I love you so so so so much until I can die.
Sorry cant celebrate for you as I'm having my exam >.< and thanks for the understanding.
Love you so much!

My dear fatty little brother~
Happy birthday ah boy, 33 love you and always do. Be a good boy and get good result in your SPM ya. Take good care of yourself and mum. Will get you a present don't worry =p
I'm so proud of you boy, and I know you didn't knew. I never show because I know you will pride, but really I'm very very proud of you.
Muaks, love you~

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