Monday, May 5, 2008

Sometime ago...

The other other day like decades ago till I had forgot when is it.
Went to Melacca for a NIGHT trip. XD

2 couples again. Like very-nothing-to-do-to-much-time then having this idea going Melacca just to settle our dinner =.=

We reach around 8pm which only took an hour from KL = =
First station we landed at SIMPLY FISH.

me and princyDurian =D

Its been awhile I never step in this shop and they actually had renovated and had bigger space!
I love the new design.

It look so bright and clean. Fresh fresh like that or Fish fish.

Nelly and Kenneth

Princy and me
(why he look like very force to smile like that, ish)

The FISH~~~~ and seafood too.

Oyster (edited)

Yummy can!

Cheese oyster...its so cheeseelicious>.<

Cheese salmon something.
(forgot the name as too long to remembered)

Spicy salmon something.

(my recommend- a must try.)

Ocean supreme (must try also!)

Finished our MAIN dinner.
Here came the second station, LONGKANG-SEAHAM (drain's clam).

Er.....there's reason they named longkang...




sorry that was lame.

A lot a lot of people queuing and we've wait for half and hour to get out seat.

We had video of this cute little boy who we notice he very lansi-ing cutting and drinking his water and serve the customer. But I don't know how to load la, damn noob la me, sorry.

so continue with the pictures lar.

clam aka seaham

A hole for us to trow seaham.

uncooked one.

After that we went Jonker's street. A famous kind of pasar malam.
No pictures for that.
Bought couple rings, Love so much. Muahahahhahahahhaha~


Then last station we went to SUNSHINEBar. A bar. Obviously.

which located just beside the sea.

It used to be very happening there. OK lar, at least half year ago it was.
Then I've no idea what happened in this half year and the bar was so empty then.
We reach around 11pm and wait. 1230am, yet still not much people there.

Yawn~~~130am still no crowds.

tak ada orang neh~

So we decided to go back KL. Sian.
Later on we found out that the crowds actually at the PUREBAR.
another famous bar in Melacca.
We've missed it sigh.

Well, maybe next time =p


Anonymous said...

Ah MOII...that is Oyster NOT Muscle larr!!! hahaha...NELLY

michikosia said...

ehhh...pai seh...okokok change change @-@

Johnny Ong said...

food stalls located beside the longkang is usually the best ... hehehe