Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rave-party (A'Famosa)

On 27 Oct, 7 of us with 2 cars heading to A'famosa.
Its Rave-party!!!! Well, its my first time to the rave~~~

Before that,we have our dinner at Melacca.
Missed the chance to eat at "Simply-Fish",not open that night>.<
So, thinking of "Wok&Pan" will do,but..nah,it turns us down..not so nice.
The dinner was OKAY, but the road back to A'famosa was not OKAY!!!!
We've stuck in Melacca..lolxx!!!!
Don't know wasted how much time circling and finally got it out around 9pm.
Thanks Vege(Fenn), you've saved our lives!!Haha..

We reach quite in time, around 10pm++ as the party was just getting hot in there..
So, basically there were 5 different stages with different music played.

The rave-zone:

I don't remember which is
just enjoy the pictures lar>.<

alcohol's fault:

Imitating the reflection:

hmm..the camera men is drunk>.<:

while they still imitating...

(passing by)

..i'm..i'm just holding it oh..>.<
. . . . . .


"Ma, not mine not mine"

Met some..erm.."costume-display-guy"..don't know what it calls..

The Gals:

The Guys:

The couples:

The party gals:

Around 12am,


..The party continues as the fireworks end..

Everything was perfect for me of this rave, except...
The Mud =.=
As a good sight,its fun..but....still yuckky~~~
Hmmp..only the guys enjoy it...i guess.

Enjoying with mudssss:

Try to get our shoes clean in the bubble zone:

The couple,again...after some hours...getting tired..:

We are too tired and leave around 3am while the party still on.

Really damn tired till Fei Hou sleep with his mouth open in the car.

Sorry dude~

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