Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hapy deepab'day to AMOI

Is Amoi,Nelly the smelly that wears bikini driving Kenari hits the Magali..'s bday!!!!
Phew~~what a long name=.=

Buffday Gal

So we went Jogoya last night to celebrate her b'day

She is a very best friend of mine in KL. Know her since my Y1S1 in Utar and we very fast click together like we've met each other long time ago^.^
She is a superb nice, friendly, pretty, adorable,charming..ahhh..too much can describe for her..
Okay,one word..Perfect!!

Very willing too help up whenever i need it. Become my driver too>.<
Really no regret and thank god to give me a friend like her^.^
Haha..also,if isn't her..i wont met my Durian now..lolx!
She mean lots to me,and i want to thank you my dear Amoi,for being such a nice friend.
Love you oh~

BEsteSt BeSt FRiEnD FoReVer!!!


Happy deepab'day oh~

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