Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shame on me

Woke up early morning (730am on Saturday morning consider early okay!) to have breakfast with my bear :)
Well, he has changed his new job and yeah, sometimes need to work on Saturday :(( Boo!

So, went back home and decided to clean my room, and unpack my luggage.
(Back from KL for a week already and YESH, my luggage is still laying beautifully on the floor lolz!)
Tsk tsk...then I decided to do the laundry too, as the new clothes need to wash before wearing right. I'm such a good girl.

There I go, went down to the washing machine placed and I stood there for like...10mins?!


This is why I'm freaking shame on myself now!!
YES, I normally don't do housework *run and hide somewhere* and don't even wash my on clothes (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~)
But I did learn during my Uni time and I totally forget bout it now. *RAOR*

Thank you mama for loving me so much and sorry that I taking this for granted.

Lesson for the day:
Do my own laundry!! I hope this is not too late T.T

1 comment:

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