Sunday, July 12, 2009

The summary wtf

1. I wanted to update my blog but I can't think of any topic.

2. I need a bluetooth adapter which function well!

3. Streamyx sucks time.

4. I really need a break. Envy of my friends can travelling around.

5. Peak period, sigh.

6. My ACCA class will start this coming tuesday. Yep, I'm a half-student again. weeee~~Erm, should I happy bout it?I don't know, but weee~whatever!

7. Money money money

8.Something is very wrong to my skin, having red little spot all over my body, and it looks horrible.

9. I got my laptop. yay~

10. I miss my cousin Connie sigh, she went KL for further study then UK after that >.<

11. I want to shop! I need clothssss seriously. closets seems so empty. Aah, money. wtf I can't survive with my pay.

12. My friends were busy dating. They avoiding me. So lonely wtf.

13. Restaurant City is my new favorite pass time game.

14. My external hardrive loaded tons of drama series but I always claim that I'm bored. wtf why am I like that.

15. Okay, decided to watch my series wtf.

16. Ciao wtf.

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