Saturday, June 14, 2008

Past weeks.....

Its been almost a month since I've shifted to my new place. Another brand new start. I guess.
New sem started 3 weeks ago too. Everything seems so new yet old.

Anyhow, thanks to no-network connection for the past 4 weeks, I've finished 4 HK drama series, 3 Eng series and random movies (*clap clap*, admire myself>.<).
Luckily I'm still alive!!
Cant imagine if I don't have the dramas with me. Tsk tsk...

Hmmm...nothing much for the past weeks except went to Genting for the XLive party.


4 of us ^.^

before roller-coaster.

Poor princy totally covered by big-head Ken.

pretend to be mousiee...very cute that type.

Us and Yong.

Our classmate Yong, who is a part-time St. John guy. Met him there while he's on duty. Woot! Drive ambulans want ler. Dun play play!

Then last week, went Poppy again and met Dylan who's having his post-birthday celebration there.
Again pictures pictures. Lazy want to tell story. >.<

(omg my head look so big with a fugly-flat hair>.<)



So sweet like that. Shy ~.~

Us, with Dylan
Our birthday tradition, must give kisses!

But then...

He seems to prefer my princy...T_____________T

Why like that geh????



NO EYE SEE AR~~~~~~~!!!!

Cannot like that!!!
How dare they do this to me~~~~~~


Representing you all........

Super fugly pics of the night!!!!
Sorry Dylan, who ask you two betray me >.<
Bleh =P

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